La Era Plasteozoica

una eco-distopía animada

La Era Plasteozoica
una eco-distopía animada

The Dominican Embassy in the Kingdom of Spain, has the privilege of presenting for the second time, now in virtual form, the exhibition titled The Plasteozoic Era: an animated eco-dystopia, with 23 animated photographs by Dominican artists Guadalupe Casasnovas and Victoria Thomen.

Through this exhibition, visitors can see a dystopian world where natural environments are inhabited by inflatable animals made out of plastic, substituting the species they represent. Through these dramatic images, the artists display a plausible future that awaits us if we do not make urgent changes in our consumer habits.

The virtual exhibition of this project arrives with great timing since it opens on during the World Environment Day celebration, established to raise awareness about the relevance and preservation of our planet’s natural environments.

Finally, we wish to express our gratitude to the Propagas Foundation, and their president Rosa Margarita Bonetti de Santana, for their support in our efforts to make this exhibition a reality and Centro León for echoing this vital message. We want to thank the authors of this magnificent art project, Guadalupe Casasnovas, and Victoria Thomen, to whom we express our gratitude for all they do to raise awareness towards the preservation of a healthy environment.

Olivo A. Rodríguez Huertas
Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the Kingdom of Spain


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