La Era Plasteozoica

una eco-distopía animada

The Plasteozoic Era
an animated eco-dystopia

The environmental concerns expressed in The Plasteozoic Era coincide with Fundación Propagas’ commitment to sensibilize, raise awareness, educate the Dominican population, and future generations about preservation, protection, and respect for the environment to promote sustainable development in our country and the world.

This artistic work about the environmental lack of protection and deterioration shown in The Plasteozoic Era through an animated eco-dystopia, allows sparking a conversation with the viewer, turning the artist’s voices into an alert message about the more notorious manifestations of the presence of climate change, and human impact on nature.

More than ever, we have an ethical commitment to nature, and with present and future generations. Only when we reflect upon our duties with our natural surroundings and establish a new and ethical relationship will we be able to love and respect it in a way that is both spontaneous and conscious. Only then can we successfully tackle the problems posed by environmental pollution and ecological unbalances that we face in the Dominican Republic and the rest of the world. As citizens, we can have significant influence over the way resources and services are used and discarded in our daily lives.

For these reasons, we are taking advantage of this educational space, and we feel very proud to support this initiative. Because it is an artistic project that makes us reflect upon the irresponsible and predatorial devastation of our natural resources, but at the same time invites us to dream of a better world, one with the possibility of awakened consciousness.

Rosa Margarita Bonetti de Santana
Propagas Foundation

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